my big giant floating headNowadays we use information by taking small bits of information in the form of services (push technologies) like wheather,news,google maps etc etc. We can find more details about the piece of information we want to access or how we want to put it to use.

Mobile devices (tablets,ipad) that have wifi access built -in  can be used in a train on a bike, or just relaxing in the park or cafetaria and we can receive information trough them, check the weather before booking a trip to a city in europe or a weekend trip. Another form is what you can do with the information available a good example is your smartphone where you can be standing in front of a statue and make a photo you’ll get information about the exact gps coordinates of the location on google maps, where you can pin to find your way back in the city also you could find more information on wikipedia about the history of the statued man. A tourist board could use multimedia to guide the tourist in a playfull or informative way about the sights and sees of the country, or also a museum with a rare collection of dinosaur bones.


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I'm a Graphic / web designer. My specialty is designing business websites, and graphic design services. I have 14 years of experience in building, promoting (banner ads,promotional websites,search engine submission,SEO) and maintaining websites.

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